The path of the trader is not an easy task even for the most confident person. It takes discipline, patience, zeal, as well as strong nerves and a calculating mind to stay afloat and go through all the stages of formation in the profession.

In the previous article, we discussed the question of the correct choice of a trading strategy based on the trader’s psychotype. Now, in continuation of the topic, we will see what happens if we do nothing, and trade everything and everything in a row, not taking into account our own psychological characteristics.


It’s a little sad to write about it because the majority goes that way. And this despite the fact that tons of materials on this topic have already been written. Most likely, many of you have also taken this path, being firmly convinced that this time everything will be different. If you are just transgressing to master the profession of a trader, I hope that by reading this article you will be able to come to success in an easier way.

So, you hate your work, you have been sleeping for a long time and you see an opportunity to get rid of the need to work from dawn to dusk, and suddenly you discover an exchange.

Office. Monday morning. You are sitting at your workplace. “My life sucks”, you tell yourself, and start surfing the Internet in search of the opportunity to break this vicious circle of routine. What options do people usually consider in this situation?

  • Real estate investing,
  • Stock trading,
  • Forex
  • Online marketing,
  • Futures,
  • Create YouTube videos,
  • Launch of own channel in Telegram
  • etc.

However, if you are reading this text now, then most likely you opted for stock trading, that is, you decided to become a trader. You are excited, really eager to start your “journey into trading” as soon as possible, so you are in a hurry.


You register on a bunch of trading forums or join groups of traders on social networks. More often both that and another at once. Now that you are determined to become a billionaire, you begin to learn the basics of the profession in these free communities. These are really great places to start You can learn trader jargon and get help setting up software. Most importantly, it’s free!

You follow some of the most active groups of forum participants and try some trading systems. Forums help get you started, but they are also really confusing. For the most part, the blind here guides the blind.

Some say one thing, others the exact opposite. And it starts to annoy. You begin to realize that you are slowly degrading along with the whole crowd.

You begin to look for an opportunity to learn something new and move forward and make a decision to buy your first training course in trading. Next, you begin to google on the subject of searching for an authoritative mentor, choose a course based on how financially profitable it is, how well the author of the methodology is known, whether he trades professionally himself, and, if so, how successfully.

Chose and buy. For a while, everything is going well. You are glad that you managed to find out this proven trading system. Learning the system is quite simple, and you begin to use it on a real account that you just opened.


The trading system works pretty well and you have your first profitable week! You think that here it is happiness and life was a success! Everything turned out to be much simpler than they wrote on the forums and said different, wise guys.

Therefore, instead of risking 1% of the transaction, as your mentor recommends, you begin to risk a large amount. There may be 5% in some transactions. But 10% you risk only in transactions in which you are really sure. Turning 500 into 100,000 is just a matter of time for you and the closest!


And then THIS happens. You open a too risky trade, forget to set a stop loss. At the same time, you are at work, and you do not have the opportunity to closely monitor what is happening on the monitor. But you are sure that now your trading account is steadily increasing there, and you will soon get rid of the need to deal with any stupid nonsense in the office every day.

In reality, you will receive the received SMS message from the broker stating that you urgently need to replenish the trading deposit in order to avoid account closure. All your trading capital is leaked. It is not necessary here to describe in detail the whole gamut of experiences. Those who went through this will understand it, and those who did not go through it later when they experience it in their own skin.

And now what? After exiting experiences, the search for a trading robot or an automatic trading system begins.

You replenish your trading account again, but this time you will definitely be “smarter”.

Since being at work, you cannot control your transactions, you will assign this mission to a trading robot.

Thus, you again plunge into the Internet in search of a pair of advisers that look extremely promising. You buy and install them in full accordance with the attached instructions.


They actually start making money. First week. Now that your trading is “on autopilot”, thanks to trading robots, you are thinking about where you can invest extra profits. At this moment you tell your friends and family that you have finally mastered this very, cursed trading.

But you do something else. Remember those earning opportunities that you considered in the office? Why not explore them too! You start going to meetings on real estate investing and even try your hand at Internet marketing. This distracts you from trading, and you lose focus.

I call these actions “diamond smoke floating in the janitor’s house”, by analogy with the wonderful novel by I. Ilf and E. Petrov. It tends to dissipate as suddenly as it formed. For around this very time, your advisers merge your deposit together. This usually starts when the market goes flat. A few trades in a small minus, then a few trades in a small plus, then again a minus. Gradually, losses are becoming greater.

Now you finally understand that if you did not write the robot and do not know how it works, you will never understand why it stopped working. Thus, you come to understand that automatic trading is also not an option, and again you begin to think about options for learning to trade for yourself.


So begins a new stage in your professional development, which I arbitrarily call the “search for the Grail” You go from course to course, from the trading system to the trading system in search of your “holy grail”. This phase can last for months or even years.

Every time you lose money using the next trading system, you think that this is a mistake of the trading system. You continue to pay for the courses, hoping that the next one will finally bring you to the promised land.


After some time, endless jumps bore you. At this moment, you understand that you’ve come to the full topic, lay down. And what can not be done when it reaches the bottom? That’s right, you can’t dig. The thought comes that trading is not your path. It is at this stage that most people lose their distance. From start to finish, as a rule, this journey takes from nine months to two years and takes from one to three deposits.

Now you are faced with a difficult choice: to admit defeat and put up with the office routine for the rest of your life, or continue to fight and go to your dream? You recall that you are not accustomed to retreating and always succeed. Therefore, we must continue to move forward.


But what if you take advantage of the experience and knowledge of a professional trader? He will deliver his trading signals to you, and you just need to copy them. And that thing! Instead of trusting your hard-earned money with a soulless machine, some kind of robot, is it not better to find a person? Yes, of course, this is the way out!

Thus, you divided you’re pretty battered, but still existing risk capital, between two traders Vasya and Petya. Literally immediately it became clear that Vasya turned out to be a swindler, who was already written about on the Internet, but for some reason, you did not stumble upon this information in time.

But Petya is actually a really good trader. But the technology that copies his transactions to your terminal, for some reason, works poorly, constantly crashes, and as a result, you lose money, instead of making 10% that Petya did last month. You decide that the practice of following someone else’s trading signals also does not always work and not for everyone.


Having decided to understand everything thoroughly, you sit down to summarize. At the moment you have tried many different things and have come a long way. If by this moment you still have free funds for trading, and, most importantly, the desire to become a trader, then congratulations. You will become a trader.

So what remains? Start learning again. Now you look around for the most successful trader you can find and book a private mentoring session. It costs a lot of money, but you think it’s worth it.

The first mentor does not help, so you try to look for another. Then again. You have returned to the path of the search for the Grail, but this time this search is much more expensive. What else do you have? At this moment, sometimes a feeling of complete powerlessness and moral devastation may arise.

But, according to some unknown laws and rules, it is at this moment that a miracle happens. You understand that the notorious “Grail” was actually with you all this time. More precisely inside you.

You turn to face yourself and begin to learn to understand yourself so that you can finally learn how to use this magic cup for its intended purpose. So you come to the definition of your psychotype and begin to trade what is comfortable for you. Just at the very moment when you almost gave up, you seem to get an electric shock. It works. Do you understand? It just works and that’s it. Sometimes you are not even able to explain how it works.

You suddenly realize that there are trading systems that you absolutely hate to trade, and there are others in which you are sure and that you can understand them if you spend enough time. Now you are re-reading all the records that you have collected over the years. Review tutorials and mentor lessons. Which of them did you like the most? You again begin to study and test trading systems. You find out which ones match your personality and lifestyle.

This is also the search for the Grail, but this is a completely different search! If you had understood this before! How much time, nerves, effort, and money (money is especially a pity) could be saved!


As you probably already understood, if you start with understanding your personality, and not just studying trading systems, you can have a huge bonus. But most traders do not. But I hope that now that you have read all this, it will help you come to your dream of freedom faster.

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