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After several years of expansion in capabilities and a significant concentration on automation, Caprock Manufacturing has solidified its position in our industry as one of the top custom molders in the nation. We currently operate 22 injection molding presses, each equipped with robotic automation to improve throughput and repeatability. Additions in our tool room, Wire EDM and larger Vertical CNC, further enhance our growing capabilities in mold manufacturing. Our assembly department has benefited from the addition of our new UV cured inkjet printers to offer top of line, 16 million color printing on plastics. With the addition of our 6 axis Fanuc robotics, the assembly team can quickly and accurately perform repeated assembly operations with extremely tight tolerances. Having solved one of the greatest struggles in plastics enclosures and their integration with electronics, one of our most popular service has to be the ability to create EMI/RFI shielding to allow lower cost plastics to be utilized in critical electronics applications.

Caprock has continued to further increase our market share in the telecom, utility, military, aviation, oil & gas, and medical industries. We are excited about the progress we have been involved in within these markets and being a partner in their strong growth has been an tremendous opportunity for us. Seeing the products we manufacture on the desk of the top official of our country and utilized in a popular reality television show gives us a tremendous amount of pride in the accomplishments we have made and continue to drive us to strive for continued success in the future.