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Building from our accomplishments, our management team refuses to let that be the end of our advanced capabilities. Having engineers as upper management, we benefit from their vision of our future. Continued expansion in automation is a priority at Caprock. Furthering the capability to have hands free operation, our plans include additional 6-axis robotics for complex overmolding and insert manufacturing. Expanding our decorative capabilities to handle even the largest of plastic components are additional items high on the list of upgrades in our assembly department.

With our strong presence in our current markets, Caprock Manufacturing has started making a stronger presence in Oil & Gas and furthering our involvement in aviation and aerospace. Having an early involvement in these industries has allowed us to help our partners create game changing products. We are anxious for the world to see how these new and creative innovations will impact your every day lives in ways that were considered unachievable in the past. New molding concepts developed by our engineering team have been extremely successful and allow us to create molded products that could never have been done before. It's truly an exciting time to be a partner with Caprock Manufacturing.